UX Brighton: Practical Tips and Templates

Welcome! On Tuesday 9th Mach, there will be a UX Brighton event on “Practical UX Tips and Templates”. It’s free, as in beer; and there’s free beer too.

What’s the format?

A slightly different format this time – a series of very short talks (5-15 minutes long) with a focus on practical tips, techniques and templates you can use in your everyday work.

Who’s presenting?

  • Harry Brignull (UX Consultant, Madgex): “An easy but effective technique for note-taking and analysis in usability testing” (10 mins)
  • Ifraz Mughal (UX Consultant, iCrossing): “The iCrossing Connected Brand index: how to measure a brand’s effectiveness online” (10 mins)
  • Danny Hope (Freelance UX Consultant): “A simple template for social media planning” (5 mins)
  • Ben Greenfield (Freelance iPhone games developer): “Design considerations when porting point and click games to multitouch, and some thoughts on designing for the iPad” (15 mins)
  • We may have one more mystery speaker giving a 5 minute talk on either A/B testing or practical analytics (tbc)


Tuesday 9th March, 6.30pm – 9pm


icrossing, Moore House 13 Black Lion Street Brighton, BN1 1ND. (Top buzzer. Next door to the Jamie Oliver restaurant). Lovely place.

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